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Working Screenwriter 101

WORKING SCREENWRITER: ADVANCED HORROR RECAP OF THE BASICS - Building a story from the ground up. Working with a Story Drop. How to plan a story using beat sheets and notecards. Using the 5 Act Structure ADVANCED - Story mechanics. Character mechanics. Pacing and reveal. The Rule of Three to keep your writing sharp. Rules of the World. How to choose the proper setting, theme and pace for your script. Creation of a scene. How to handle exposition. Mythos when is too much. When is too little. Bythos when to use it when to not. Handling gore and violence. How to introduce and develop characters that connect with the audience. Arsenal of horror.  What is it and how do you get your own? How to use the Wicked Pass as a way to create an awesome final draft. Jump scares what are they want to use them when not to use them. Keep the audience engaged while scaring the hell out of them. How to intrigue not confuse. How to create a twist ending that satisfies. This first 10 students may submit 15 pages of their screenplay to be analyzed by Fenton and the class. The course is 4 hours with a 10-minute break after the first 90 mins. MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO ATTEND

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