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  • Thomas Fenton

So why are you teaching an online screenwriting course?

The question comes up a lot. Thanks for asking.

The simple answer is this, I enjoy teaching. When you work as much as I do it’s all about the deadlines. It’s all about making producers happy it’s all about the movie stars happy. Rarely do you get to dive into the reasons I became a working screenwriter this in the first place. Every time I teach a class at Missouri State, UCLA or USC, I enjoy getting into the weeds with my craft.

I thoroughly enjoyed going back to those basics that I learned so long ago that help me build a career as a screenwriter. And honestly, it makes me a better writer by reviewing my own process.

The best people at their job always look at their job in a new fresh way. And after every class I feel I've learned something from the students. It doesn't matter if their beginners, intermediate or advanced there’s always something to be learned by the give-and-take of ideas and the ping pong of dialogue.

I hope you’ll join me soon.


Thomas Fenton

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