Having your friends and family read your screenplay is a great and necessary step in the writing process. But, when it's time to go out with the script, it had better be the best it can be.

As a writer, you only get one chance to tell your story.



To apply for a screenplay mentorship with Thomas Fenton, please send the first 15 pages (on a PDF)  of your screen play here. Thomas will asses the work and decide if you meet the mentorship requirements.


  • One read through with marked up screenplay.

  • Consultation session over Zoom  for two hours.

  • A copy of my book “The Scream Writers Handbook”.​

  • Additional hours are available for 40 bucks an hour.

What the mentorship covers:


How good are your characters? How smart are they?  How dumb are they? And most importantly, will the audience care about them enough to make sure they escape the haunted house or kill the creature? There is nothing more important to your screenplay.


A slow script will kill your audience with boredom. A too quickly paced script will confuse them. Either way it all ends in a pass. Thomas will make sure they don’t pass on pacing.

Use of Horror

Thomas knows a great deal on how to create  the steps of fear. How to create tension  that turns into  suspense and the payoff of horrifying fear in screenplays.

The Wicked Pass

As mentioned in Thomas’s book ‘The Scream Writers Handbook” this is an essential step in making your screenplay stand out from others and attract the attention you need to get to the next level.


Thomas will check how original is your plot? How inventive? Thomas is a veteran in Hollywood if he hasn’t heard of it, you’re onto something!

World Check/Logic Cop

When writing horror the world you build must all jive with the plot. 

The "What Not to do list”

Thomas checks your draft for tired tropes and other things that should never be used in a modern horror screenplay. The ‘cat jumping out of the closet” comes to mind plus many many more. Also, the killer clown is way over used…. Then there’s the little kid who draws the ghost…

What other writers say:

Michael F.

I spent tons of money and time on other "script consultants' and Tom is by far the best. His no-nonsense approach coupled with his real-world knowledge of the screenwriting trade was well worth the investment. 

When booking a screenplay consultation please choose the date you're making your purchase. Choose anytime, it doesn't matter. It's a Wix thing.