"Often times the hard learned lessons are the ones that resonate the loudest. I imagine that's why most people have a healthy respect for the dangers of fire or deep water. Thomas Fenton has been slugging it out in the Hollywood film industry for over two decades. In that time he has managed to get six screen plays made into movies. Having ran the gauntlet and survived, he now shares the field tested knowledge he gained."

Chris H

"Imagine running into Tom at your local haunt, joining

him at his table, and being treated to a sometimes very animated

snapshot of his experiences in the film industry. All of the good, and subsequently, some of the not so good.

All of which is accompanied by equal parts theory, and few of his own tricks of the trade (ie The Wicked Pass), sprinkled in for good measure.Real talk from a real working screenwriter looking to pay it forward. So get caffeinated and enjoy the ride, Tom has seen it all... It’s the nature of the beast when you’re the resident screamwriter in

Michael S

"Fenton removes the stuffiness from 'how to write' instruction and relays real industry experiences of his career. Boots on the ground advice beats academic teaching for me any day, and I found the advice and lessons sage and relevant."

Chris D

"Tom Fenton inspires writers to find their own unique voice and to trust that they have something invaluable to offer audiences. Having invited him to speak to graduate students in our MFA in Dramatic Writing program, I can attest that he entertains a crowd while delivering key craft and visual storytelling techniques. I also recommend Tom’s book to every horror writer I know."

Cristina P